Protest For Civil Rights( My Opinion)

rowan aboeid, writer

June 9, 2020

First of all i will try to continue writing cause i really do love it here. Rawan Aboeid senior 2020 Although i do agree that change needs to happen it has to be in more than one field. To be a teenager and realize how...

school fights

Shakyla Lester, Jazmine Hunt, Cedric Flies, and Cacheldia Pierre

October 23, 2019

FIGHTS what are you going to do to make the fights decrease ? talk to the kids trying to put some sense in them officer Thompson what measures are you taking towards the students ?school can start suspending more are...


Shakyla lester

September 30, 2019

why are we as students not allowed to use are phone in the cafeteria 1st lunch 10:30 2nd lunch 11:10 3rd 11:50 principle "safety for fights" asst principle "district rules" dean 'safety"

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