Senior Superlatives!

Mekilya smith

February 20, 2020

At this point we all know that im a senior here at Westside High and roughly how im getting through the high school experience. So far I've wrote about things that piss me off here or things that aren't so much as interesting...

Math Field Day

Naviya Butler

February 18, 2020

West side students interested in A math Field  day  for anyone struggle with math. Geometry, Algebra, Financial Algebra Etc.. Why not take a day to double check for understanding you help comes from simply suggesting  reasonable...

ladies of Westside candy Grams

Cedric Files, Jaz'mine hunt, shakayla lester, and cacheldia peirre

February 13, 2020

what are you selling? candy grams What are you selling them for? valentines day and its a fundraiser so we can get low jackets When do y'all sell them? during lunch How long are y'all selling them for? thi...

New Years Resolution

Jaylah Lesesne

February 13, 2020

I don't really make new years resolutions but this year I've decided to try it. So this year I plan on accepting myself more and finally realizing my true worth. It may sound cliche but it's harder than expected. 2019 was a trying...

Mid-year goal

Joclacye Stripling

February 7, 2020

This year is flying right along. So far it's been going good for me I'm just trying to maintain and continue . My main goal  is just finish school so I can graduate and get my diploma. I know that i have to do my part so that...

Mid-year reflection

Naviya Butler

February 7, 2020

It is second semester third quarter middle of the year so far my school year has been a lesson. I'm learning  how to become a phenomenal women. I'm learning  that I'm getting older which means its time to become wiser. I'm learning...

EST Students

Jaz'mine Hunt, Cedric Files, Cacheldia Peirre, and Shakyla Lester

February 5, 2020

How do you know if they need help? They are diagnosed. Can they fail? We try everything to not let them fail. What kind of work do they do? Normal activities. How many students do you teach in each class? 12...

Join The Crew

Reagan Stoker

February 5, 2020

join the crew the fierce crew.They meet every other Tuesday in the media  from 2:05 to 2:45. Their mission is  to impact  students and get closer to god, their leader Angel Sanchez is very excited about the crew and teaching...

Fierce Auxiliary Team Clinics and tryouts

azaria nelson

February 5, 2020

Any ladies interested in performing at football games and Pep Rally. Come tryout for fierce auxiliary team clinics will be held February 18th,20th,25th and 27th from 3-6. must attend every clinic. Auditions will be held march...

My winter break

Esmeralda Tovias, Unemployed

January 9, 2020

The best part of my winter break is that my emo dog got a hair cut.The worst part was my mom grilled chicken and pork but the chicken was to small so it got burned and I tried to eat it anyway because I don't want to wast food...

what its like to be a senior here at Westside?!

Mekilya smith, Author

January 9, 2020

As everyone envisions or hopes that their senior year is the best year of schooling you ever endured. We hope the time flies, which it does and for things to be all about fun but to at least leave with something memorable. We...

Christmas Break

January 9, 2020

What is your name? Jaz'mine Hunt what was the best part of your Christmas break? S: CHRISTMAS DAY BECAUSE I GOT TO EAT Ced: SEEING THE OTHER SIDE OF MY FAMILY J: Hanging out with my friends and family. what was...

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