How to Be a Better Writer

Chyna Anderson and Mia McKeever

March 7, 2019

Filed under Academics, Aspiring Writers, Listen Up, Poetry, The Struggle Is Real

Greetings to all aspiring writers. Whether it's an essay, a novel, or a poem, many of you possess a gift that not everyone can acquire. There are a considerable amount of techniques you can use if you want to improve your writng....

Love, Death, and Other Worlds

Xavier Robinson, Reporter

March 4, 2019

Filed under Aspiring Writers, Opinions, Student Life/Teen Issues, supernatural

The world is a curious place. I would say it was a happy place. Possibly a sad place, or even cruel. But none is true. Those are opinions. One thing it is, without a doubt, is the fact that it is curious. The inspiration for this...

Words to Use Instead of “Said”

Chyna Anderson

February 25, 2019

Filed under Academics, Aspiring Writers, The Struggle Is Real

Teachers can testify that students have a habit of using the forbidden word in their essays. The word we all use multiple times throughout our lives. That word is 'said'. You're familiar with that word aren't you? On behalf...

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