Instant decision Day!

mekilya S. , cedric F.

As we all know westside high organized some what of a program where we could be face to face with the schools we desire to be apart of. This program carried colleges from both community and universities of all sorts for both Florida and Georgia. The overall goal was to get accepted and be proud of the movement that you plan for your future and just to get ahead.

There we where greeted by our guidance counselors such as ms.tucker and ms.brown. Then as we moved forward they prep us and guide us to  move through the colleges freely without a nervous thought  in our minds.Then some of the colleges there were EWC, JU, UNF,  Keiser university,etc.

We had our administrators such as Ms.barazza who helped ease the pressure and made all the guest feel welcomed. As the students moved through the events some students became accepted into schools and earned scholarships. schools viewed our transcripts and told us what we needed if we didnt exactly qualify.

overall it was a fun and interesting event. Music was played we grew more proud of our selves. And grew to under the purpose we serve within the hard work we’ve shown over our 4 years.