Keith McReynolds and isaiah Browder

November 8, 2019

It all started from "Let me tell you about a girl named Brazy. That's not her real name but that's what people at Westside call her. So somebody compared her to this famous known comedian called Eastside Ivo. Then somebody ended...

SENIOR WEEK!!!!!!!!!

Azaria Nelson , Lindsey schlegel,

November 8, 2019

Monday 11/18: Pajama Day Tuesday 11/19: Dress like your favorite Admin Wednesday 11/20: Old vs. Young Day Thursday 11/21: Crocs Day Friday 11/22: Senior Field Trip (bring money for lunch at Bahama Breeze)  

My Path to STATES

Caleb Thomasson, Joshlyn MIller, and Ash Parks

November 4, 2019

It all starts out on the first day of school, we started to practice for a long and stressful season. I took first place in diving at every swim meet except for 1, the I moved onto conference to take 3rd place and started to practice...

Pep Rally Cancelling

Jazmyn Starks

November 4, 2019

Students Miracle Stephens- What are our thoughts about the pep rally cancelling? "it doesn't really concern me, i don't have interest in the pep rally." Do you think the pep rally should be cancelled? "Yes, the...


Christopher Ramirez and Ivory

November 4, 2019

Westside High School is offering FAFSA night Tuesday November 6, to all its students interested in attending college, dinner will be provided. Teachers and administrators will help students navigate the financial aid application,...

Mr.Flints Clothing Line

Isaiah Browder, Lindsey Schlegel, Azaria Nelson

October 31, 2019

Mr.Flint will be starting to sell Hoodies and Shirts for $30 to help raise money for the school. Check out Mr.Flints instagram @where_is_hamilton_whs  His lizards name is hamilton. ...

#breakingthemyth Westside VS. Orange Park

Deanna Timmons and Naviya Butler

October 2, 2019

Q1:What is your name? A:Savannah Montgomery Q2:What is your title? A:Football Manager Q3:Who do we play? A:Orange Park High School Q4:What time is the game? A:The game starts @7:00pm Q5:How much is the...


Christopher Ramirez and Ivory Glover

September 26, 2019

October 7 2019, Westside High School will be hosting a multi-cultural night we wish to see students, parents and staff participation. There's going to be a wide section of diverse foods from several countries for you to try if...

FIERCE Auxiliary Team Lollipop Sale

Azaria Nelson, Writer

September 18, 2019

The  Fierce Auxiliary is currently selling lollipops for 50 cents. To raise money for our Third season, please stop by ms greens room 202 to support. We have over 20 flavor. Catch us before we sale out....

smoking before school

Kieth Mcreynolds, Arial Mosley, and Caleb Thomasson

September 12, 2019

Let me tell you a story about why I got kicked out of school on the first day. Me and some people thought it was okay to smoke marijuana before we came to school. When I came to school I went to see Dean Davis to see where my...

Female Dress Code issues

Dylan Collingwood, Jazmyn Starks, and Luke Randall

August 29, 2019

Q&A: Students Kilya Smith 1.) Do you think dress code is fair? why? "No, because it doesn't give kids the right to express themselves. 2.) Do you think boys get away with it more? why? "Yes they can wear ripped jean...

School Snacks

School Snacks

August 27, 2019

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