Westside High School Violence

Jada Lawrence and Mia McKeever

Our school is important to us. We come here everyday to try our best to achieve small tasks and assignments in our classrooms in hopes of having a successful future.

We are also able to make friends with the people we hang around with in this building everyday. But sometimes, we don’t always have friends or people we like to talk with sometimes. We sometimes have enemies or people who don’t like us. You may have disputes or arguments with these people who like to talk about you or someone else that’s close to you in a negative way. However, some of us as students are not able to control our conflicts w/ others in the building whom we may walk past everyday.

Most of what our school is known for is violence. Many kids here are becoming badly hurt from small disputes that could possibly be solved without resorting to violence. Other schools from around the country are facing violence in their own environments as well. But we, as a school now, can make a difference in other schools later.