CAR-T cell therapy encourages the destruction of cancer cells

Rico Lewis


Through immunotherapy, CAR-T cell therapy is a method for killing cancer cells, it uses the patient’s immune system to attack. This works by modifying the patient’s blood cells to encourage immune cells to fight with intensity the average immune system could not replicate. Doctors and researchers like Dr. Qin have been using this form of immunotherapy to essentially increase life quality of cancer survivors and patients.

Scientific Question:

However, does CAR-T (chimeric antigen receptor t cell therapy) attack primarily cancer cells?


I hypothesize that CAR-T cell theory does only attack cancer cells, T-cells and other beneficial cells from the immune system, is given a boost to attack the cancer cells instead.


The volunteers must be cancer patients, using the proper synthetic proteins to make the antigen receptor t cells. CAR-T cells should aid in destroying cancer cells, and applied around tumor areas. There will be heavy observation over the area that is targeted to encourage the attack from the patient’s own immune system, in collaboration with the CAR-T cell therapy. The rate of success of this immunotherapy, will depend on the volume of cancer cells killed, while not showing any signs of immune cells being harmed during this process.

Expected Results:

This experiment will most likely show the decrease in size and growth of cancer cells due to the aid of CAR-T cells.


This form of immunotherapy would provide hope for cancer patients, and efficiently and safely improve their life quality.