Crowded Hallways and Classrooms

As most first and second weeks are, The hallways are full with a copious amount of students. But this year, Along with the shortages of teachers, bus drivers, etc., It makes the hallways unbearable to get through. The hallways could also be seen as a safety hazard with Covid-19, and Monkeypox going around. Everyone almost shoulder to shoulder trying to get through the traffic jams in the intersections of the hallways, Is an easy way for sicknesses to spread. Being late to class is also a bad part to the halls being crowded. The school is really pushing students to be on time to class but its difficult with the traffic in the halls.

Now with the crowded classrooms, It makes it hard to deal with a class when there’s around 40 people per class but only 20-30 desks. Meaning Students will have to stand or get a chair for themselves. This might sound like it isn’t a huge deal but if every other classroom in packed, There cant be enough chairs for everyone leading to people being sent to other classes and not being able to learn.