Miss Westside Welcomes The Freshman


So I went to the freshman assembly today to write a story about what happens, but then, I noticed that Miss Westside was there and she was giving a speech to the freshman about how this is the year to make high school great for you. I decided to interview her to see what she had to say about the perks and joys of being Miss Westside. She stated that it was an honor to be Miss Westside and how she won was by being herself. Anyone who wishes to become Miss Westside must be able to handle the responsiblity that is being well loved and giving speeches for assemblys and being a mentor for the younger kids.

To end things my time with Hanniya Travis(aka) Miss Westside was inspirational and I learned many things about her in all I think Hanniya is such a wonderful person and it was an honor to get to know her and I look forward to many more interactions with her.

Stay JOYful