The Students Here are Poorly Written NPC’s

Porsha Miller

It’s only the 3rd week of school and I’m convinced everyone here is an NPC. If you don’t know what an NPC is, it stands for “Non Playable Character,” which are people in video games that are just there. A lot of the people here are just like that, like a literal glitch in the matrix. My friend literally sent me a picture this morning of it; 3 guys standing the same way, holding their phones the same way, and they even walked the same way, according to my friend.

This school has 95% NPC’s and nothing can change my mind. If a fight were to happen, I’m 100% sure everyone would walk away after it’s done as if nothing ever happened. It is almost as if they are programmed to forget what they have just encountered and reacted to. If that isn’t weird to you, yesterday I encountered a girl who looked up from her phone, laughed at the random conversation that took place in front of her, and repeated. She literally kept looking up and laughing. I was so convinced she was only programmed to laugh and look at her phone. Yeah, everyone here is an NPC.