Meet Josh your Defensive end!


Q:  Hi, we’re here with?

A: Joshua Kilcrease.

Q: What position do you play?

A: I play O-Line, D-Line.

Q: Who on your team do you think have made the biggest impact to the team?

A: Jordan Hall, besides Jordan, Our Quarterback Just because he’s young, you know He’s a sophomore and all of our other guys are juniors and seniors so him being a quarterback as a Sophomore he had to step up and take that role.

Q: How do you feel about your upcoming game? (Riverside)

A:  I feel good. I feel like we’re ready, I feel like we can beat Riverside, because what happened last Friday, it happened, you know, its in the past. I feel pretty confident about tomorrow.

Q: What game of this season do you think will be the most difficult for the team?

A: I’m not sure to be honest.

Q: Do you like your new coaching staff?

A: Oh, yeah, I love Coach Randall. He’s made the biggest impact, He came in with a new mindset trying to change things around for the better.

Q: Do you like your school?

A: Yea, I mean its Okay.

Q: What about the team do you think should change for the better?

A: We just have to stop fighting and going against each other. We need to come together as a team we’re already losing games and we got to win. That’s one of the main things that’s stopping us from being great is ourselves.

” I like that, I really like that answer Josh Thank you.”

“No problem”