Westside Needs More Fun Events!!

Westside highschool students deserve more engaging school events like pep-rallies or simple events to bring the students together like field trips, to make the school year better for the upperclassmen leaving and underclassmen to make them want to come back for the next years to come.

Most freshmen haven’t experienced a pep-rally, but due to admin’s strict policies- such as select students being late to class or the increase in fights the past week- most freshman may not get to experience it.

No events like these make the year boring and some students want to leave because its the same old boring things over and over again with no fun or excitement to motivate them to come to school.

For the students who do know what a pep-rally is or has been on school trips they said it was fun and exciting which is why they want to continue to go to school, “I feel like school would be better if we had certain kinds of fun engaging events, it creates a better learning environment and overall make things fun for us at school.”

Some teachers had the same kind of outtake on this, they all believe the more “fun” or “engaging” environment the school creates for students make them want to attend school and be on time, it has a way of bringing the attentiveness out of students so they can actually enjoy going to school and not just doing it because they have to.