All these classes but where are the teachers?

Jordan Wheeler

The united states is having a major teacher shortage, Florida especially. There are more than 2.7 million students in Florida public education, and not even 200,000 teachers. This is a issue for higher levels of education and nobody available to teach the material. Making 19.54 an hour as a base starting pay shouldn’t be legal. Teachers are people who pave the way for the future and help us be who we are. A bad teacher can ruin a child’s life just like how a good teacher can benefit one. They are being replaced with underpaid substitute teachers who cannot teacher the curriculum properly to students. This is happening all over the country and nobody is helping. Teachers want higher pay and more flexible lives. They don’t want to go to school everyday and make no money. They are tired of being treated this poorly.
Living bill to bill is rough. Imagine having to budget all of your money in hope to make it to the next one. In a constant state of stress watching and counting every penny you spend. Most teachers live a life like this and became tired of it. With unsafe job security and little pay, teaching is just not a profession worth pursuing anymore.