What Is The Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Jordan Wheeler

Critical race theory is a “cross-disciplinary examination, by social and civil-rights scholars and activists, to explore how laws, social and political movements, and media shape, and shaped by, social conceptions of race and ethnicity.” ( Sourced from: Wikipedia) Which is important to learn because it affects POC to this day.

The best way to think of it is as a hotel. Imagine a hotel that hates disabled people. The owner makes his hotel anti-disabled and makes sure it is not accessible to such people. ie: No ramps, only stairs, no handicap parking. Now imagine the owner selling it to someone who loves the disabled. Even though the owner loves the disabled, the hotel is still inaccessible to such. The whole building was built against disabled people, so the they will forever have issues at the hotel until it is fixed and acknowledged.

Bring this back to POC and you realize how the pieces fit. Things like school, for example, the school system was made to go against people of color. The job system is more likes to pick a standard white name compared to a culturally different name. They do not have a fair chance in life from the blatant disadvantage they already had. Failure to realize this issue will never help fix it. We need to do better as people and strive for change. Equality isn’t real until we make it real.