Half highschool experience.

Lensey Pierre, Writer and editor

I know we all heard of other peoples highschool experience but what about half of it?

For example if you’re a junior like me you should be able to still tell your half highschool experience.

Let’s start off with my Freshman year. I was at first in online school due to covid still being freshly around but got moved to in person in January.

Fun fact I actually had Ms. Maraghy in online but I would stay falling asleep in class or never showed up.

When I came to in person I was very quiet and just observing my surroundings. After a while I started making friends and become more outgoing than I was in middle school.

If you ask Ms. Maraghy how I used to be she can tell you I was pretty annoying and loud.

After that I went to my sophomore year and it sure was a heck of a ride.

I was doing great in the beginning of the year but after the second quarter I would barley go to class nor come to school.

It honestly wasn’t my fault; I was so lost with myself and didn’t want to be trapped in class so I became a rebel.

I personally don’t recommend that stage but we all will go through it once.

Then I tried going back on track since my grades were funky and I got them straight but I did miss skipping so I went back to it towards the end of the year kind of.

I can say that my relationship life was horrible like horrendously but I’m learning how to not be as kind with everyone who talks to me.

My sophomore year did make and also break me but it did help me kind of have a layout to who I am.

I still need to figure out more about myself from self love and what style I am but at least I have the layout for now.

Quick update I’m doing fine so far as a Junior but as for the sleep page it’s going pretty slow since most people don’t send in pictures as they used to.

I honestly missed this class and I wish I didn’t take it for granted when I didn’t come. This class made me who I am and it sucks that I can’t participate in it anymore.

That will be all for now.