New record Breaking Singer!! A’Kaysha

Kansas Childs.

This year’s star singer, A’Kaysha Studstill, broke Westside’s vocal record, making it the farthest anyone has ever been in our choir’s competition.

She made it all the way to the states and is still continuing to grow in rank, getting higher and higher in the competition.

She says, “It’s been a great experience that I would recommend to anyone who loves singing to pursue this and don’t give up on it no matter how hard it gets.”

According to her experience there, everything was set up beautifully, and everyone was friendly and respectful to her.

They always rooted for the things she’d done while performing, even if she made a mistake, They let her take her time to correct herself.

A’Kaysha loves what she does and hopes someone else follows in her footsteps, setting records, and creating new history for all young women here at Westside High.