What’s The News? New Basketball Coach at Westside!

Lena Washington

Here at Westside High, a new coach had started working here. I Lena Washington, also one of her players, has interviewed her and asked some questions.

Q- How long have you been coaching?

A- I have been coaching for about 8 years.

Q- How long have you been playing basketball?

A- Since I was 8

Q- Do you have any children?

A- Yes, but just one, my son Chase who also plays basketball.

Q- Do you enjoy working/coaching at Westside High?

A- I love coaching the Lady Wolverines Basketball team!

Q- What is the hardest task about coaching at Westside High?

A- Getting everyone to believe in one goal which is to “Stand Together”

Q- How have you been treated since you have been at Westside High?

A- The atmosphere at Westside has been very welcoming, supportive and encouraging!

Thank you Coach Dee for choosing to help not only basketball but the school in general with your bright smiles everyday!