Taking Tests…HIV Tests.

Lena Washington

HIV, one of the worse but many STD’s that a person can catch. Not to mention AID’S, Herpes, HPV, Chlamydia and many, many more. I know what your thinking.. “Why am I talking about STD’S?” well there are many risks out there and one small kiss can lead to bumps on your lips. Taking an HIV test can help you know what you have or what could possibly coming your way. Many teens today my age are kissing, vaping, eating and drinking off of each other and not to mention the teens who are sexually active. I believe everyone should be tested many times in their life because its so many cautions in the world and people don’t know how important hygiene is. I took an HIV test, it wasn’t bad they swab your mouth and you pee in a cup, no needles or no parents. They do it right here at the school or you can go by yourself, your choice your body. Its better to stay safe rather than sorry.