Indoor Volleyball vs. Beach Volleyball

Norei Demps

Indoor Volleyball

It is a game consisting of 6 people per side of the court, with 6 different positions (right side hitter, middle blocker, outside hitter, libero, setter, defensive specialist). The objective of the game is to make the other team drop the ball on their side of the net. A play consist of a set, pass, and any form of a hit (spike, tip, roll). The game is played until either one of the team gets to 25 points. There are 3 sets in a game if a team gets to 25 the 1st set then the other team has to get to 25 the 2nd set in order to have a chance to still win. The 3rd match will be a tie breaker, and its a game to 15 points. If the same team wins the first 2 sets then they win.

Beach Volleyball

Its a game consisting of 2 people per side of the court, because they play on a full court the 2 players have to play every position. It has the same objective of the game as indoor volleyball except there are 5 sets. The first two sets are played until one team reaches 21 points, as opposed to 25 in the indoor version for its first four sets and the third and final deciding set, if required, is played to 15 points. Each rally is worth a point and a team has to have a lead of at least two points while reaching the designated points tally, 21 in the first two sets and 15 in the third, to effectively win the set. Fewer number of players on the court and large open spaces opens up a much larger variety of creative avenues to score points as compared to indoor volleyball, where the spike is predominantly used to conclude rallies. For example, the roll shot, cut shot, pokey, and the tomahawk.