Interview With our Favorite School Secretary, Ms. Daughtry!

Terrence Neal

Q: First of all, how was your day?

A: Busy, it’s always busy. But i like it being busy because it makes the day go fast.

Q: What did you expect when you first started your job?

A:  I really didn’t know honestly, because i worked my way up. I started off as a teacher and worked my way up principal secretary. I was also laid off for awhile before starting work in the cafeteria and making my way up to eventually being the cafeteria manager. That’s when i went to JWD and i worked there for about 3 years, before finally coming here.

Q: What are just some things you have to deal with on a daily basis?

A: Mad parents is the biggest thing, students disrespect another thing i can’t stand. Because i always use my manners like, “Please take your hoodie off” or telling them they can’t just walk in.

Q: What is the craziest thing you’ve experienced here at Westside?

A: Parents being bullies, to me that’s crazy but i don’t get bullied by them. I had a parent tell me, “Meet me at 3!” and i replied with “Let’s go.”