The Struggles of a Girlfriend with a Sports Boyfriend

Tessa Loveland

My boyfriend plays two sports: Football and Baseball. I am in early college but don’t play sports only after school thing I have is work. Now many only see the pros but, there are many cons to this too. For example, practices take their entire week day after school; from 2:30 to 5 sometimes 6 at night, practices also may be on the weekends. What’s wrong with that? If you ever have plans and he has a practice the plans get canceled. Might not be too bad but, they also have to practice everyday in the summer. I also have to deal with the girls with a certain stereotype which is “date a football player and get popular.” Therefore, random freshmen try to go up to him so they can be popular.

Now don’t get me wrong I love the pros. Being able to scream “go number*” or say. “That’s my man” when he do something raw. To be his number one supporter with his number on my shirt and learning the sports (something to bond over). Saying this having a sports boyfriend is not bad but there are cons with every pro.