End of my Season

Ky'Nilah Farmer, End of my Season

To begin where I left off, the reason why season ended is because…

No reason.

Around November the Westside Girls Soccer Team played against Englewood. Mind you at first, I missed 2 or 3 games because at one of the home games I left early without telling my coach, which I took full responsibility for. After I left early from that game me and Coach Richmond relationship has been rocky we had to have a meeting with my mom before I could ever get back on the field again. To bring you to the Westside v. Englewood (away game) I did play for the first 7-10 minutes then I got put in. Everything was going great we were losing 7-0, but we were doing great. Time for the second half, I go back in and I’m hustling for the ball then out of nowhere a girl from Englewood pulls on my neck. I didn’t get mad why, because it could have been an accident, the girl yelled at me and said how she will beat me and started cussing. At this point I’m confused because the ref didn’t break it up or anything. All of a sudden, the girl pulls my hair and I was ready to fight then everyone wants to try and break it up, after everything happen Coach Richmond comes and tries to pull me and I told her “to let me go” I guess she took it as disrespect, which I didn’t care and you will see why.  So, with that happening we had to leave the game early, and as I walk to the bench, Coach Murphy tells me that I shouldn’t have retaliated which I was confused because the girl touched me twice, I can’t retaliate while the Coaches just sat on the other side of the bench looking clueless. After that we got on the bus and Richmond tells me she need to talk to my mom and I said, “OK.” In the next post I will tell you what happened with me, my mom, Richmond, and Ms. Mitchell, how I went to the principal and how he was biased and how only one adult helped me in this situation. Who do you think the adult was? See you next week.