Tamiria Harmon

This is just me talking today honestly. I feel as though some people in this school have no kind of self control. Like why is do you do the first thing that comes to mind without even thinking about it for more than a millisecond. You are almost grown, get your life together. This kind of makes me think about all the seniors that aren’t graduating. Like you had FOUR WHOLE YEARS to get your life together and get all the credits that you needed to graduate. The fact that you don’t care about your future is crazy to me. Like that’s all I think about. I can’t stand the fact that there is any space that I will fail at anything ever, let alone school. Like what makes you think that you’re to good for school? Some of y’all are relying on false hopes and dreams. Some freshmen are like that too and it makes no sense. Like how is a teacher going to give you easy work to do, you don’t do it at all, and when they put a 0 in then it just doesn’t make sense to you. At this point this isn’t even about self-control. Its about self-responsibility. You aren’t about to graduate and you are worried about what some random said about you. Like where are your priorities? GET Y’ALL LIVES TOGETHER AND DO YOUR WORK.

I wish for nothing but y’all’s success