I forgive you :)

Hurt. Hurt is mental or emotional distress, anguish, or suffering. Every day you’ll ask yourself, “Why me? Why did they do what they did? You’ll try to convince yourself that maybe you deserve it. You will realize that no matter how nice or good to a person you are, sometimes it just doesn’t matter. You will realize you cared more than they ever did. I guess you can say I’m talking about me. I’ve been hurt a handful of times simply because I’m too nice. Hurt can come from family, parents, or even someone you thought you knew. From the bottom of my heart, I can say I never deserved any hurt I ever caused. I’ve realized that everything I have been through has taught me lessons. Lessons I needed to learn. Lessons that are shaping me into the woman I’m becoming To that guy or girl out there who’s hurt, just laugh it off. Yes, I said laugh. I promise you, you will get over it, and you’re going to realize you did all you could, you were enough, you were genuine, and to those parents that hurt you, No, you’ll never understand why, so don’t try. It won’t be easy, and it’s going to take time, but you will let that hurt go.


Don’t let that hurt consume you. Forgive for  yourself.