Does social media do more harm than good?


James R

Social media is apart of all our lives, more than likely your friends, family, peers all use some form of social media. These can vary from Facebook, to TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media can be useful for many different reasons including building social networks, entertainment, teaching many different subjects, and educating people on healthy practices. On the other hand social media can harm those who use it as well. Social media can act as a distraction, make some sleep deprived, expose users to bullying, spreads rumors, and show unrealistic lives people live on these apps. Studies have shown social media can lead to depression and anxiety in some users. However taking steps to limit these negative effects could make good use in the long run of these social media apps. If you believe any of these negative effects are impacting your life always talk to someone you trust such as friends and family to help preserve your mental health.