How my Last Year of High school Went.

Joseph Barroso

Where do I start? Well, my last year of high school went kind of up and down a lot. Throughout the year it was very difficult because although, I’m a senior there was lots of stuff that stressed me out. Like the rumors-but we won’t get into that. I met a lot of great people and grown such a huge bond to them, that I’m a little sad to leave it behind.

I say leave it behind because, everyone is going to start their own journey. Anyways, I’ll start with Brianna-(sorry no last know for personal reasons). She was someone very close to me, and you know how life goes..good things always come to an end. Long story long I had a crush on her and she had a crush on me..while she had boyfriend. (don’t look at me like that its not my fault I have rizz). We connected..for a little bit until she later on dropped me and her friends for a guy who doesn’t love her. It hurts to go on without her, but she did it to herself.

Now that we have Brianna out the way, I want this paragraph to be specifcally about, our yearbook crew, (re reading that sounded cringy) however, they’re really close to me. We’ve been through a lot together and we accomplished so much and without them I wouldn’t end my day with a smile. Quick shoutout to Liz yk our valedictorian!! W person fr. Oh yeah! And Wayne, Jarvis and Johnny. They my dawgs for real, I’ll slde for them any day. Also Stinky booty aka Samiyah. (she’s going to hate me for that).

Mrs. Maraghy. She really is my second mom and the only person who can really turn anyone’s day from sad to happy. Without Mrs. Maraghy I honestly don’t think that my last year of high school would’ve been great. She was always there when I needed her the most. To talk to. To laugh with. To gossip with. To eat with. She’s been through it all with me. However, even with all she goes through she comes to school and puts on a smile. It wasn’t such a great year for Mrs. Maraghy, but she had all of her kids guide her and prove to her that she has the strength to keep going. I really am going to miss you Mrs. Maraghy, thank you for such a great year! Love you Mrs. Marinara Sauce.

I’m going to miss this school and all the fights-those were my favorites. The fights were hilarious.

Another shout out to Mrs. Maraghy’s pasta, yo those are so good. She’s lowkey a chef.

Farewell, Class of 2023.