Sports the new normal

Serenity Hines

Westside sports, they’re like an emotional roller coaster. The boy’s basketball team was excellent this year with many victorious wins, while the girls…not so much. The boy’s football team record wasn’t the best this year, while the girls were barely better. They all alternate. We have nice game days and not so good ones. We have good players and also, um yea… Our sports team work hard, putting in lots of effort and practice to get better whether its an individual sport, like track and field, or a group effort sport such as soccer. We even have had a player go D1 on one of our sports teams. If you put in the time and hard work you can definitely get where you want with sports. Our school sports shows lots of variety when trying out and we have many different sports you could try. You won’t get penalized for trying out, it won’t hurt or do you any harm, so why not!