Sports Defined: Season Edition

Lena Washington

Here at Westside High there are many sports that have different characteristics for students who are willing to play and have fun. I play volleyball, basketball and I do field events for track. Volleyball is a fall sport, following basketball being winter and track being in the spring. These sports operate completely differently but all require sportsmanship, agility, the will to work hard and a positive mindset. The sports volleyball and basketball are team sports, but are set up diversely. Volleyball requires six people on opposite sides of the court with a net between them going horizontally, three in the back and three in the front. The three players in the front are mainly hitters/blockers and the players in the back are the passers. Each team can only hit the ball three times and have to keep the ball in bounds to get the point. Yet, basketball only has five people on the court with no net and uses the whole court to play the game. You would dribble, pass, or shoot the ball into the net. As well as volleyball, basketball has the same rule which is to keep the ball in bounds or it would be the other teams ball. Onto track, I participate in the field event Discus, which you would have a weighted disc and would have to throw it as fast as you can and as hard as you can. There are three different ways you can throw the disc, a spin, half spin or punch. You’d be in a circle where a net or gate is surrounded by you so no accidents can happen. Did you know about these rules? Trust, there are many, many more!