So my last post was a poem but I want this post to be about me. I know no one other than the editor will read this (most likely), so I’m about to write about fanfiction.

Now I’m about to do some real deep digging, so excuse me if I sound like a middle school child doing a presentation. Webster’s Dictionary describes fanfiction as stories involving popular fictional characters that are written by fans and often posted on the Internet. If it wasn’t already obvious I read fanfiction. Most of my nights are  spent scrolling through Tumblr and Ao3, kicking my little feet reading reader insert fanfic (fanfiction in which the reader is the main character). Honestly it is the highlight of most of my days. I don’t really have any thing else to do so I read. I read an uninteresting boring book about so white women making bad choices when I could just read a fanfiction about “me” rizzing up Aaron Taylor Johnson. I personality prefer one-shots (A term used in fanfictions to say that there will only be one body of text/One chapter) but slow burns are also good. I have one that I’m going to start reading after this that is 33 chapters. I’m actually really excited. I’ve been on a Scream high recently so that’s what it is about. I also had a recent heart-break, one of my favorite fics was deleted after 33 chapters. I was almost brought to tears by this discovery. I have come to terms with it now. Honestly this was just a chance to talk about myself. I love reading and fanfictions are the best way for me to do that. Anyways that’s it. Bye!