An visual disappointment. Five nights at freddys.

Sean McCarthy.

After the long awaited eight years, the hit horror series that launched back in 2017 five nights at Freddy’s was made and published successfully taking the interests’ of millions by storm.

With such an success the creator announced a second game into the franchise and announced they’d be making a movie, fans were hyped for Freddy but soon enough people realized the movie would be more complicated then everyone thought.


changing plots, movie producers, ideas all while working on the games that would range from 1 year releases to 3 year releases.

So when blumhouse studio and universal studios posted the first ever trailer the audiences were mixed.

from design details too the characters almost all not looking like they originally did there was and is something that could annoy an hardcore fan while people are happy I’ve interviewed my friend’s and family and the responses all fell down to the same points.

My friend Alex brown stated “The movie failed to capture a “movie feeling” later on into the conversation we disguised how the movie looks like a fan animation.

Andy Rodriguez states “The red eyes look bad, even in a lore essence they should have made the pupils red instead of the whole eye, they look high!” a major set back to the film which most of the fans of five nights of Freddy’s have been arguing about for the past week.


My father quotes “The movie looks fan made and rushed.”

While all these people will see the movie, its hard to deny that this movie was rushed a quick cash grab only filming at an location for a week to poorly animated C.G.I. in a company stand-point the movie from the minute long trailer shown is a visual disappointment to fans, while we can agree most people are still as hype to see the movie since They took 8 years to work on it since they announced it.