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Last night, while I was practicing on my hairstyles. I was trying out different methods of doing butterfly locs and it made me think of life. That there’s always going to be a different way to do something, and no matter which way you choose you have to dive in head first if you want to succeed. Meanwhile I’m looking for another job, half of my checks always goes into my saving which only leaves me with a bit over 150 to spend. Sadly for me I’ve realized I’m a expensive person. Not like Jordan’s and designer clothes but I’ll want snacks, to get some items on shien, order, something. My money goes pretty fast without me even trying. And my best friend just told me she’ll be making around $700 at her new job. She’s also recently moved from our home town. I need to be making money like that, 350 every two weeks IL won’t worry about not having any money till the next check.

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