Stealing my moms car pt 2 (No More Driving Alone)

Lensey Pierre , Writer & Editor

As we all know I stole my moms car in the previous story I wrote on here.


Well I stole it again two weeks ago. Yes again for the second time lol.


I made plans to go to the Oakleaf town center with my friend Allie to have a little date since she goes to oakleaf and I barley see her. We made plans the week before to get it out the way and stuff. I had 40 dollars on me and she had 20 which had us with 60 dollars.


So the plan was I pick up my little sister from the bus stop, I go home and drop her off then sneak out the house from the backyard. Plans changed and I didn’t know what time my little got out so she walked home. I had told my mom I was gonna park right since I didn’t park the car right.


I took the back way so she couldn’t see me leave the neighborhood and then i dipped. Allie called and told me she didn’t tell her parents yet so I was like okay then and I never picked her up.

Instead I went to buy food Chick-Fil-A to be exact and I was otp with gabby. I was like since I’m already out let me go see my grandma. So I went there and she called my mom. My mom was like “Isn’t that Lensey in the back?” Then my grandma was like “Yeah that’s her; she came to see me.” When I tell you my mom yelled at me to come home so quick. It was crazy and she yelled at me for lying to her.


My mom also made me get some stuff from my grandma while I was there which was funny since she was yelling at me… Literally.


After that I drove home but she was like stop lying to me when you go somewhere.


Saturday comes and she asked me to help her but I didn’t feel like it then she tried to be petty and told my dad I stole the car and drove it out 2 times.


Jokes on her my dad didn’t really care he just said I cant drive alone without an adult in the car. SO since then I can’t drive it alone but I went to Mc’donalds literally  yesterday to buy a Big Mac Meal SO HA!