Protest For Civil Rights( My Opinion)

rowan aboeid, writer

June 9, 2020

First of all i will try to continue writing cause i really do love it here. Rawan Aboeid senior 2020 Although i do agree that change needs to happen it has to be in more than one field. To be a teenager and realize how...

The car was stolen

Keith McReynolds

May 13, 2020

Let me tell y’all a story of how I almost went to jail during this homeschooling. So, I was chillin' one day and my dawgs told me they was going to come pick me up from my house. So I said "Ight." To make a long story shor...

Karona Vyress

Lindsey Schlegel

March 23, 2020

Being home so much sucks, it's so boring all I been doing is eating man. I wish all this junk would go away so I can continue my daily routine


Madison Allen, Amazing

March 23, 2020

I remember a couple months ago when I heard about COVID-19. No one knew about it yet. It was still contained to Wuhan, China and only around 2,000 were infected and around 80 people had died. I mentioned it to my science teacher,...

Most Likely to become a Millionaire: Mekilya Smith

Mekilya Smith

February 20, 2020

(opinion)   At this point, we all know that I'm a senior here at Westside High and roughly how I'm getting through the high school experience. So far, I've wrote about things that piss me off here or things that aren't...

Let’s Get Ready To Tumble!!!!

Naviya Butler

February 18, 2020

Ladies and Gentleman interested in cheer leading?! Tryouts are  usually sometime in April. Starting now there is tumbling  conditions open to all  every Tuesday  and Thursday  at 2:30. Inspiring to be a  competitive team...

Join The Crew

Reagan Stoker

February 5, 2020

join the crew the fierce crew.They meet every other Tuesday in the media  from 2:05 to 2:45. Their mission is  to impact  students and get closer to god, their leader Angel Sanchez is very excited about the crew and teaching...

Fierce Auxiliary Team Clinics and tryouts

azaria nelson

February 5, 2020

Any ladies interested in performing at football games and Pep Rally. Come tryout for fierce auxiliary team clinics will be held February 18th,20th,25th and 27th from 3-6. must attend every clinic. Auditions will be held march...

The Diamond

-Gen Kae

January 22, 2020

Beyond the crowd of blurry faces, above the stars and dazzling graces, there lies a diamond in the rough, fighting through, though life is tough, no one tells about their tears, and no one dares confront their fears, But...

Students vote Tunis best food near campus

Cacheldia Pierre and Naviya Butler, reporters

October 23, 2019

More than 25 Journalism 2 students on Wednesday participated in a survey asking which restaurant near campus has the best food. Tunis was the winner with  13 votes. Dunkin Donuts and the Sheik tied for second with 4 votes Burger...

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