The News On SGA

Haleigh Totman, Writer

SGA campaigning started last week and this week. Elections are on Thursday 11/10. There are 10 positions, 9 of which students could run for: President, vice-presidents, Freshman class rep, sophomore class rep, junior class rep, senior class rep, secretary, treasurer, sergeant at ARMS, and publicist. Vice-president will be who(m) ever finishes 2nd in voting for president. Only seniors can run for president. 5 seniors running for president: Daniah Satterfield, Dorothie Senatus,¬† Elizabeth Sui, Emmanuel Taylor, and Wayneisha Wright. They are making a speech Wednesday 11/9 in the auditorium about why you should vote for them. Students can’t run for multiple SGA positions. In order to stay in SGA, students must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA, they need to have no F’s, and they cannot have any class 3 or 4 referrals. 17 people are running as of right now. On Nov.21 SGA is helping setup and plan¬† for the pep rally.

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