GSA: Be the Voice!

Tydae Brown

Westside High School is filled with after-school activities, ranging from sports to a variety of clubs. But not enough light is shined on the Gay- Straight Alliance, or GSA.

This group of students and teachers focus on the obstacles that many gay and straight people face.

With the recent passing of the “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, a few students decided to speak up on the challenges gay people face daily and enlighten me on the discussions that occur within the GSA meetings.

“One thing we talk about in the meetings is how the school continues to allow students to say slurs and minor homophobic things,” one member stated.

“Stopping people from being their own self is incredibly wrong, not to mention the fact that gay history is often covered up to begin with. The don’t say gay bill is just another gear that hides what is actually going on in the machine.”

This is a call for change in Westside that should be paid attention to more. Students should be free to express themselves and not be discriminated from anyone else because of their sexuality.

So, a message to all students no matter the gender, BE YOU.