John Wick Strikes Theatres Again!

Tydae Brown

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With the recent influx of newly released movies, they release the most anticipated one of them all: John Wick Chapter 4.

John Wick was first shown as a protagonist in the first chapter, John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves. The movie begins with a view of a suffering John Wick after the recent loss of his late wife, Helen Wick. Although Helen leaves John a departing gift: A puppy names Daisy.

Fast forward, Wick is awakened by the sound of his house being broken into. He comes downstairs to discover a group of masked robbers who then begins to beat the defenseless Wick. His dog barks constantly at the robbers, who then grabs the dog and senselessly kill the poor dog. The robbers then escape in John’s 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1, leaving a beaten Wick and his deceased dog. But little did these robbers know, Wick is a retired hitman.

Wick then goes on a revenge mission to hunt down the robbers, killing them off one-by-one. John Wick goes back into retirement but is forced out to complete missions eliminating mob bosses, now he is on the run himself from members of an organization wishing to kill him for money.

This movie series is seen as a very thrilling and entertaining movie, and now viewers are able to view the new released Chapter 4.