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    Why I am switching schools!

    and the many interesting things about the school

    I honestly like Westside Highschool, its a great place to learn and it has a variety of things to do, from after school clubs to sports and dancing. But I often think about my future and wonder to myself, “what do I see myself doing?” “what is my purpose?” “what do I wanna do for work?”. Well I finally figured out what I want to do with my life: I wanna cook, I wanna be able to make something for others in a way that pleases me just the same. There is one small problem however, I have no where to practice and perfect the art of cooking, Westside unfortunately has nothing to offer in the arts of cooking. After asking my brother, who also no longer goes to Westside, recommended that I could join his school of Frank H. Peterson, a school known to take many classes that you can do in a normal high school. I am starting to wonder to myself “is this a betrayal to the school I currently go to due to me basically switching sports teams and others?” No! This has really nothing to do with anything about betrayal or sports, this is about my future and what I want to do with my life. Frank H. Peterson has a variety of different classes you can take including: veterinarian, culinary arts, automotive classes, and even aviation classes. They also offer a lot of sports and clubs like football, soccer, volleyball, chess, video games, and much much more! I also believe that Frank H. Peterson is the best choice for me because you can graduate high school with an associates degree and don’t even need to go to college! I really think that the culinary arts course they have there is my best course of action to achieve my dreams of cooking. However, not just anyone can get in, you need to have really good grades and GPA to get in, I think the minimum requirements to get in is 3.5 GPA, which is minimum 1 or 2 C’s in your grades. You also have to apply really early in the summer or during the second semester in order to have a chance of getting in. I really do hope I get accepted in, because not a lot manage to get in. So as you can see, Frank H. Peterson isn’t a easy school to get into. To be honest I can’t blame them for being so hard to get into, just think of all things I just said and much more I haven’t said! That’s just how great the school is! Still not convinced? They also offer a wide variety of animals in their vet courses including: goats, dogs, pigs, chickens, and even a whole cow! it just crazy to think they let animals run around in the class room! Think you wanna be a mechanic? The offer automotive classes too! They let you work on actual engines and car parts that you can learn anywhere else! They also offer up a lot of aviation classes that will send you sky high in learning! Overall, Frank H. Peterson is a great school to get into, it ain’t gonna be easy for me, but its what I hope to achieve in my final 2 years of high school. Who knows? maybe one day I’ll be serving you in 5 star kitchen, with the best meal you ever had. Thanks for reading!

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