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    My Opinion On Why Using Ai To Write Your Essays Is Harmful

    Hello fellow students my name is Jeremiah Hardee and I’m going to give my opinion on why using AI to write essays for you is harmful to you and others. Yes writings essays can be difficult and it takes a lot of work but when you have an AI write it for you you aren’t learning how to write one yourself so when you get into a situation where you might not be allowed to have your phone on you, like for important tests that require you to write an essay you won’t have any idea of what to do. Causing you to fail all because you didn’t know how to write a proper essay because you wanted to use an AI and be lazy, and not only does it affect you but others too as technology used to scan for AI work can accidentally strike student work as AI work causing them to get in trouble or fail even though they did honest work. So please think about paying attention on how to write essays so you don’t have to cheat and get into a situation where you fail because of it cause I promise you you’ll enjoy writing the essay yourself and will help you in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hear my opinion.

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