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What happened to Lensey?


“What exactly happened to Lensey” people around Westside may ask.

November 29, 2022 was the last time Lensey Pierre was last seen on the campus of Westside High School.

Since that day she just randomly disappeared and the huge question is “What exactly happened to Lensey”

Lensey was car surfing on the hood of a moving car and she slipped off, which caused her to get ran over by the moving vehicle.

The tragic accident did cause her to get a spinal cord injury with an incomplete L4 injury.

Her injuries did include her Lower spine, Right femur, Left pelvis bone, and Right leg being crushed by the moving vehicle and sadly was stuck under the car for approximately an hour.

Lensey was then sent to a local hospital immediately where they did send her to 2 other hospitals that could possibly help her with her complicated medical condition.

Due to her injuries being traumatic and severe they had to send her to UCF HEALTH Via helicopter.

After multiple surgeries she was recovering and experiencing a lot of pain; especially in her feet.

Lensey was told that she would possibly be able to walk within 3-5 years and hearing that did break her heart.

That was when everything finally hit her; she was disabled and would have to have others assistance to do everyday activities that she could beforehand.

She fell into a huge depression and being in the hospital and seeing everyone having so much fun at school (considering Christmas was on the way) sure didn’t make it any better.

Lensey wanted to cry but no tears dared to fall down her face. She was stuck to think on her life decision that caused her to become impaired.

Her world was crashing down on her all at once. From the horrible nerve pain in her legs to her not being able to move.

After three weeks of being in the hospital she was told there was hope that she could recover and hearing that changed her mindset immediately.

Lensey’s family heard about Brooks Rehabilitation Center and was able to get her set up into the program they provided.

The following days she spent her days preparing herself for her trip back to Jacksonville and getting back to normal.

In her mindset she thought that if she was back to walking all of her problems would be solved.

Being put in Brooks was really hard the first day considering they put her to work and seeing how hard it was she felt as if she couldn’t do it and there was no point.

Her therapist Dj talked to her and told her “if you don’t struggle to get to your goal then you did not reach it yet.”

Hearing that she told herself to suck in the pain and think about how it would pay off in the long run.

That night she called her mom and told her that within 2-3 months she will be walking… with or without a Walker.

Fast forward to now she’s walking way better than ever, her posture straightened up more, and she had grown new bones around her injuries.

If Lensey wasn’t so determined and had faith in her journey she most likely would’ve lost hope and possibly still in a wheelchair.

Before you laugh or look at an impaired person differently think about how that can possibly be you in their shoes at any moment.

Happy National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month!💚

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  • T

    TaylorSep 6, 2023 at 11:41 am

    this is wonderful

  • N

    NatSep 6, 2023 at 11:08 am

    So proud of you!!

  • S

    Shamari WilliamsSep 6, 2023 at 10:43 am

    We love Lensey and im very happy shes recovered and has come a long way