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The Voice of Westside

As I realize Westside High doesn’t have very many students using their voice. I took it into my consideration to interview people to hear how they feel about our school environment and etc.

Interview #1

Me: So how would you describe Westside High?

Interviewer: Ummm…We’ll Westside High is a school that don’t have no structure. Students here are out of control.

Me: How do you think we can resolve these problems to be in an better environment?

Interviewer: We need more security…we only have a few and they barely do anything. We need more chairs in the classroom students should not have to stand up a whole class period. It’s ridiculous.

There you have it and student from our school finally opened up and said what she feel should happen to Westside High a better school. It’s okay to speak up your voices matter to us at W.H.S.


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