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Senior year Senior stress

Hey, my name is Keyondra (Key for short),   

I am a senior of class of 2024 while I am happy, excited, and proud of myself and ready to graduate. I also feel this year has me personally disorientated, unprepared, stressed and lacking key knowledge that I feel would take some of the stress of being a senior off. Curious to how? As a senior, it seems sense the first day of school there has been pressure to making sure you have all the correct classes to get your credits, to having the right test scores, then to making sure you schedule for your ACT and SAT, to making sure senior fees and senior activities are paid for, to even applying for scholarships. Although these seem like things, I personally should be taking care of, yes, but if I had a guide, or even a meeting enquiring about the details of the things to come as a senior it would be a little easier to function. I felt I was not the only senior to feel this way, so I asked fellow seniors of class of 2024 if they feel the same way. 

  Imani Haeeis a senior of class of 2024 and goes to Westside High school who feels her “senior year is a little stressful because the lack of knowledge but wouldn’t be if she had a guide of information.” and then I wonder if Imani would have received this information when does she like it would have been best? And Imani said, “I would have like to get the information my junior year and the being of my senior year.” 

I was curious to know if others felt this way but at other schools, so I asked a senior of class of 2024 William M. Raines High School Jaliyah Scott I asked the same question I asked how this senior year feel? And Jaliyah stated, “My senior year is good, smooth there are some things giving hard times.” I asked what are those hard things she was having trouble with? Jaliyah said senior fees and not having her graduation requirements. I do this interview to show how senior year senior stress is not just something I am having trouble with, but other seniors are too. I wrote this to try to bring attention to the fact of being stressed and it would be less stressful if we had a simple guide or even a simple meeting enquiring about the details of the senior year. 

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