Protest For Civil Rights( My Opinion)

rowan aboeid, writer

June 9, 2020

First of all i will try to continue writing cause i really do love it here. Rawan Aboeid senior 2020 Although i do agree that change needs to happen it has to be in more than one field. To be a teenager and realize how...

The car was stolen

Keith McReynolds

May 13, 2020

Let me tell y’all a story of how I almost went to jail during this homeschooling. So, I was chillin' one day and my dawgs told me they was going to come pick me up from my house. So I said "Ight." To make a long story shor...

Let’s Get Ready To Tumble!!!!

Naviya Butler

February 18, 2020

Ladies and Gentleman interested in cheer leading?! Tryouts are  usually sometime in April. Starting now there is tumbling  conditions open to all  every Tuesday  and Thursday  at 2:30. Inspiring to be a  competitive team...

Natural Hair

Jada Lawrence

March 4, 2019

Being natural means that you don’t use any kind of chemical to change the texture or natural curl pattern of your hair. A couple of examples are using no relaxers to straighten your hair or any permanents to curl naturally straight...

School Dress Code

Geneva Burks, Symajah Locklear

January 31, 2019

A Student: Jordan Ray How do you feel about the gender bias roles in the dress code? "I feel like it should be equality. If a guy can wear it, I should be able to too." 2. How do you feel about tank tops? "I fee...

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