Gym An Easy A? Yeah Right

Haleigh Totman

Ask new coach Jenkins.

“The first year I have gym, and the new coach ruins it,” said one junior.

Every student had something to say about the dress code for gym.

According to Coach Jeff Gidcumb, Westside has been dressing out for the past 100 years.  They only stopped dressing out last year because of COVID-19. The dress code is nothing new.

If you didn’t know the dress code for gym, it is: black or grey shirt, black, grey, and red shorts, and tennis shoes. Students are told to dress out every day. One sophomore disagreed with the dress code. He feels like their is no reason to dress out. He also said that the coaches give students only 10-15mins to dress out. One senior and  a junior said they disagree with dressing out, but for different reasons. They said they dislike the dress code because they hate wearing uniforms.

So next time you say you want gym, read this story, maybe then you’ll change your mind

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